The village of Doluš is accessible by car. From the Zagreb direction there is a pay toll on A6 highway in Vrbovsko, from where if following road signs for Rijeka it takes about 30 minutes by car to Donja Dobra, and then through villages Čučak, Lokvica, Čedanj, Kupa, Planica -about 10 more minutes to Doluš.
From the south (Rijeka) there is a a pay toll on A6 highway near the city of Delnice. From Delnice -if you follow the main road to Slovenija there is about 20 minutes to Brod na Kupi, and from there about 10 more minutes following local road to Čedanj, Planica and Doluš.
Last 1600 meters is macadam road passable for cars. During winter if snowing, this last part of the road could be temporary impassable for cars.

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