The little house on the hill Katarina, built in 2008, is fully furnished. Thick woods and rocks that hide the house, the roaring of the river Kupa, the breathtaking nature with an abundance of water make this place a peaceful and refreshing shelter, not only during the summer heat but also during other seasons. In Gorski Kotar, where you can enjoy cool nights along with all the benefits that its balmy climate offers at only sixty kilometers from the Adriatic Coast, your stay will be completely relaxing and enchanting. Coming to Doluš you have done something good for yourself. But not only! You have done something good for Doluš too, because your visit brings us, even if only for a short time, the liveliness that once upon a time used to exist in our abandoned paradise.

Even if you are maybe already accustomed to frantic and consumerist tourism of modern life, we all know that without travelling we do not learn and without learning we do not travel. To live a journey in depth it is not necessary to reach distant destinations, visit historically important cities, or try to discover exotic landscapes. Travelling is all around us. Sometimes you just go to Gorski Kotar, meet the river Kupa, spend there a Sunday afternoon or, even better, an entire weekend. This is a journey in the opposite direction: we can interpret it as a journey into the past or as a journey into depth, a journey within ourselves. It is a journey into a kind of slowness, in completely different rhythms of life, like a journey in an old fable. These are the reasons why I always return there stubbornly, these are the reasons why the house on the hill was built.

In hasty daily routine we barely manage to capture the true meaning of the word rest. Only when you get to Doluš you will understand what this word actually means. You may have the desire to come back again. Perhaps one day life, children, voices, gardens, dogs and houses will return to our small abandoned paradise. Life is unpredictable!

So welcome to the pages with which I wish to present you Doluš.

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A journey is best measured in friends, rather than miles

Putovanje se najbolje mjeri u prijateljima, a ne u miljama - Tim Cahill

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