Doluš grilled trout recipe

Take full advantage of the nice spring weather in Doluš! Grilling here goes hand by hand with savoring fresh air and calming noise of the Kupa river flowing by. Moreover, if you place freshly caught trout from the nearby fish farm onto hot grill grate – the really special meal for you is guaranteed. Enjoy grilled trout while watching the river where it lives.

Grilled trouts are one of the healthiest meals and most delicious you can prepare for yourself. However, some of our guests were claiming trouts are difficult to grill. If you love grilled fish but are indecisive about trying to prepare it on our grill, don’t worry.  Few hints for grilling fish will make you ready for your BBQ adventure in Doluš!

Before you start the fire, make sure to remove the chimney cover from the barbecue.

It will take you about 1 hour for all preparation and making fire before you can start your actual grilling event. Start the fire by the backside of the barbecue to prevent unwanted smoke. Light some firestarter, paper and finger sized dry wooden sticks and twigs directly below the chimney hole. Place charcoal beside the fire and stack up a few more charcoal on the top of wooden sticks and fire to form bridge formation, allowing ventilated space in between. Instead of charcoal you can use forearm-sized firewood. You may help improve the flames by blowing some air towards the fire.

A charcoal fire usually takes 30 to 45 minutes to reach the proper cooking heat after lighting it. When ready for grilling, the fire should be flameless, but still very high temperature. Spread the charcoal in the middle of the barbecue when all the charcoal has caught fire and has turned to grey colour.

Then, clean the grill grate well. All the time try to keep it near the fire while preparing the barbecue. Well pre-heated and clean grill grates prevents your food from sticking. If you’ve experienced fish sticking to the grates in the past, the very possible reason for this was too low grilling grate temperature or it was not properly cleaned. Fold a couple of sheets of paper towel into a small pad, dip it in cooking oil, then rub over the bars of the grate in order for it to become glossy. Instead of oil it is very practical to use a peace of bacon or bacon’s skin to grease a grill grate.

Meanwhile you’ll have to prepare your fish and seasoning. If you bought trouts it in the nearest fish-farm in Mala Lešnica, your product will be fresh and cleaned on site. All you have to do is to dry every fish from the outside very well with a clean piece of cloth. Once you’ve carefully dried off the skin of your fish, leave it uncovered for some time before grilling to air-dry the skin additionally

Preapare about one clove of garlic per each fish and a fresh lemon juice (use one big lemon per 6 trouts). In our garden you will very probably find some parsley, or you can pick chives or rosemary in order to improve the taste of your meal. If you prefere wild thyme or oregano, you can pick some while walking towards the village of Doluš, beside the walking path. Chop the garlic and all spice herbs that you have chosen. In a small cup mix some salt and peper. Prepare one clean plate and cover it’s botoom with olive oil.

The grilling grate has to be very hot and oiled before you can place prepared fish on it, so let it heat over the fire. Put every fish into prepared oiled plate and smear some oil on each. Light coat of oil on the fish will prevent it from sticking to the grates.

Place the oiled trout on the grate so that the tail is furthest from the flames. Position fish at an angle on the grate. The angle between fish and grate will make it easier to flip the fish or lift it onto a plate. As well flipping fish is easier when you have a fine-edged specifically designed spatula.

The heat should be steady and medium or else the trout skin could burn before the fish is cooked. After 5 – 10 minutes try to move the fish gently lifting its grilled side with a spatula. If it does not lift off the grate easily, let it cook a bit longer and check occasionally until it does. To flip the trout easily, use two fine edged spatulas to separate the fish from the grill grate, or one spatula and a fork. When flipped, sprinkle well the upper (already grilled) side of the fish with the salt and peper mixture.

Then continue cooking until the complete fish has reached nice browned colour and naturally release itself from the cooking grate (it will take about 5 to15 minutes depending on fire heat level).

When done, lift your fish onto a plate and season its other side with salt and peper. Then drizzle it with lemon juice and garnish with chopped parsley, garlic and other spice herbs. Finally pour a sufficient amount of olive oil over the trout and leave it  on the warm place for few minutes before serving.

Enjoy grilled trout while watching the river where it lives. Enjoy your meal, dobar tek!

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