Trip to the Kupa River Source in the Risnjak National Park area

Trip to the Kupa River Source in the Risnjak National Park area As you already spent your vacation in Doluš in the house overlooking the Kupa river, it could be challenging for you to familiarize even with the source of this beautiful river. The Kupa river source is found deep below a pale turquoise lake, hidden by the lush coniferous forest of the Risnjak National Park. This small, extraordinary beautiful lake is a secrete spot […]

A trip to Golubinjak Forest Park

Golubinjak Forest Park – established in 1961 It’s great to be in the forest! Golubinjak Forest Park is a wonderful place to relax in. It represents the strong bond between outstanding natural beauty and careful human intervention in it. From Doluš to Golubinjak there is aproximatelly 30 minute drive. Directions to Golubinjak Forest Park when coming from […]

A trip to Leska – educational trail

When spending your vacation in Gorski kotar, Croatia, the Leska educational trail is going to be an interesting trip destination for you. Leska is as well, the name of a small village nearby. Both are situated inside the Risnjak National Park area. Leska nature trail is a mild, regularly maintained round walk that starts and […]

Doluš trip & vacation guide


Vacation in Doluš provides guests with intimate experience that is unlike any other. Situated in a quiet country setting, here is nothing that you may be used to in your hometowns or while staying by the Croatian sea coast. There are no shops, cafes or restaurants nearby in Doluš. Sometimes only few cars or walkers […]

A walk in Doluš

Following the curves of the Kupa River downstream from your Doluš accommodation, the old gravel road could very probably attract you for a walk. It is an ancient carriage trail, nowadays suitable for walking, cycling and other recreational activities. It is not physically demanding neither for seniors or very small kids.

Medveja stena (= “Bear’s Rock”) HIKING TRIP

Above the village of Doluš there is a ridge of rocks rising up. This hilly terain is mostly covered by forest. The wide forest behind our house is called Tisovac, according to the croatian yew tree name: “tisa”. Yew tree is a rare specimen in natural forests nowadays, but it was widespread here in the past. It is interesting to climb up […]

Zeleni Vir & Vrajži prolaz – special geomorphological reserve

The area of Vrajži prolaz (the name in Croatian means “devil’s gate”) and Zeleni Vir (=“green vortex”) were for the first time properly explored and described by Croatian natural scientist and researcher Dragutin Hirc in 1880. Vrajži prolaz and Zeleni Vir nowadays is much friendlier than in Hirc’s time, but it’s still a spectacular breathtaking […]

Mala Lešnica and a “Homer” fish-farm

The Mala Lešnica village is located on the main road (D203) between Delnice and Brod na Kupi. Placed just near the river Kupica the village of Lešnica in the past was well known for its smithy workshop. The old name of the village was Homer, originated from a German word “hammer”. Today village is interesting […]