Brod na Kupi

The first bigger settlement closest to your accommodation is Brod na Kupi, about 5 kilometers far from Doluš. There is also the city of Fara just next to Brod na Kupi on the Slovenian side of river. Both suitable for your daily trip.

Brod na Kupi is a small settlement that appeared in 15th-century on the best suitable position for crossing the river. The name “Brod” (in Croatian means “the boat”) denotes unpowered ferries that crossed the river on a line, transporting merchandise and passengers.

In Brod na Kupi just near the border crossing is a 17th-century fortress /castle, now renovated and adapted to a museum. The mace weapon outstanding at the rooftop of that building, hardly shackled door, gun holes on the fortress walls, even the tunnel dug up beneath the castle, testify about the past wars in this area and defending function of that building. But the fortress also had its residential function for members of the Zrinski noble family. The architecture of the building is simple, but solid and tight.

Restored and renewed Zrinski castle in the city of Brod na Kupi offers to the interested visitors even a new one, remarkable content: permanent exhibition and items representing forestry, hunting and fishing of the Gorski kotar region. Experts who worked on the renovation of the Krapina Neanderthal Museum, did a great job at the Brod na Kupi citadel as well. The permanent exhibition at the Brod na Kupi museum occupies 786 square meters, and is divided into five floors. The visitors can learn about the tradition, the history of Gorski kotar and the role that aristocratic Zrinski family had in it.

Next to the fortress there is St. Mary Magdalene Church that was built by nobleman Petar Zrinski in 1670. The church and the fortress were unique architectural unit – both surrounded by defensive wall which is unrecognizable today.

If you plan to spend only few days vacation in the Kupa river valley, it is a good idea to explore Doluš and neighboring villages in one day. For the end of that day you can have a dinner at the Mance restaurant/hotel in Brod na Kupi. The food at Mance’s place is authentic local and very well prepared. If restaurant food is not an option for you: just between the museum and the church there is a small noteless bakery. The bakery is held by Mrs. Marija who makes bread there for decades. Don’t miss her “buhtla” bagels with marmalade or chocolate, it is something simply priceless. She bakes it every working day about 5:30 PM.