Calm vacation or adventure – away from the hectic world! 

The green region of Gorski Kotar and its river Kupa are an invitation to relax, go fishing, enjoy vacation, adventure and leisure activities. Whether you are looking for peace or quiet solitude after the weariness and drudgery of everyday life, or whether you just want to share and enjoy time with friends or family, then this holiday house in the village of Doluš, provides a unique oasis of opportunities for all those who love peace and nature. Here time belongs only to you.

Your return to nature

Vacation in Doluš is suitable for visitors coming to Gorski Kotar due to its natural beauty. Try the wonderful experience of visiting Risnjak National Park on a day trip. In the immediate vicinity of the Park, you can visit a large number of protected natural areas, picnic destinations and various natural phenomena. Zeleni Vir and Vražji prolaz, Lokvarka cave, Golubinjak Forest Park, Kamačnik, the source of the rivers Kupa and Kupica are the most popular nearby destinations. The riverbeds of Kupa, Kupica and Curak are suitable for fly fishing, where the regime “catch and release” is valid. Vacation in the valley of the Kupa will also be of great interest to people who adore hunting, kayaking, hiking, as well to bikers, mountain trekkers and walkers. Those who just want to refresh themselves with their families in unspoilt nature near the green river Kupa will enjoy these simple pleasures as much as those who need to get away from the city noise and stress.

Number of beds4
Additional beds2


Total floor area72 m2Kuća za odmor - raspored prostorija
Living room, kitchen, dining30 m2
Bedroom 1 (A)12 m2
Bedroom (B)17 m2
Hallway and staircase5 m2
Bathroom - first floor4 m2
Bathroom - ground floor4 m2


TV Ok-icon
Internet Close-2-icon
Safe Close-2-icon
Mini-bar Close-2-icon
Smoking Close-2-icon
House pets Ok-icon
Refrigerator with freezing Ok-icon
Microwave oven Ok-icon
Oven Ok-icon
Dishwasher Ok-icon
Coffee maker Close-2-icon
Bread maker Ok-icon
Washing machine Ok-icon
Iron Ok-icon
Bed linen Ok-icon
Towels Ok-icon
Air conditioner Close-2-icon
 Outdoor grill Ok-icon


Distance to the asphalt road 1,6 km Infirmary 20 km
Brod na Kupi / Fara (Slovenia) 7,5 km Pharmacy 20 km
Donja Dobra 10 km Post office 7 km
Shop 6 km Petrol station 20 km
Bakery 7 km Distance from the Kupa river 50 m
Bank 20 km Ski resort 20 km
Restaurant 7 km Distance from the sea 65 km


Luxorious peace and tranquility

The house is situated in the quiet, almost abandoned village of Doluš, surrounded by woods. If you want to enhance your vacation in Gorski kotar with other additional sports and /or  leisure activities, feel free to contact me, or if you need any help in organizing your trip. In other words, please ask for whatever you are interested in.